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The flawed approach of Decision by committee

The common consensus is that to create something incredible you can’t put it through an army of opinions. Nothing original (read: uncomfortable) survives that kind of treatment. So why do brand managers insist on doing this? And how can you break them away from being “safe”?

Step 1: Partner with someone who has something to prove. They will probably park brand-jargon on the back burner when you tell them you’d like to present something completely out there.

Step 2: Take every limit you think the brand has and completely blow past them in your ideation process.  Be audacious, disrespectful, unapologetic and most importantly do not reference from somewhere else. This is when you stand a once in a lifetime chance to come up with an insane concept and sell it in a convincing way to a naysayer client.

Step 3: Be ready to walk away if the itch to do the safe thing creeps up on your client. As things progress, it’s very rare that their “common sense” doesn’t pop in to question everything they’ve agreed was brilliant about your ORIGINAL™ idea. It’s at this point that you are either walking them back to the bleeding edge or walking away from the project.